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Now that it is officially Fall, I wanted to post a blog about the wooden veneer wedding invitation option that brides love having for their Fall (or rustic/outdoor) weddings. Brides can either have the invitations letterpress printed (the ink is "kissed" on the veneer, so it is not pressed into the paper) with the reply cards/postcards letterpress printed on our Crane Lettra paper (or you could have them letterpress printed on kraft paper). Below is this option:

Tickled Ink also gives the option to flat print on the wooden veneers. This is pretty much the same look and feel of the letterpress, just printed digitally, so you can actually print watercolors on the wooden veneers. We can also print posters, paintings, labels, etc, on the wooden veneers. If you want to have something engraved or laser-cut in the wooden veneers (tags for your invitations) we can do that, too! Here are the photos of the flat printed options: