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Wood Prints

Invitations, Printing, Custom DesignEmily Johnson

Now that it is officially Fall, I wanted to post a blog about the wooden veneer wedding invitation option that brides love having for their Fall (or rustic/outdoor) weddings. Brides can either have the invitations letterpress printed (the ink is "kissed" on the veneer, so it is not pressed into the paper) with the reply cards/postcards letterpress printed on our Crane Lettra paper (or you could have them letterpress printed on kraft paper). Below is this option:

Tickled Ink also gives the option to flat print on the wooden veneers. This is pretty much the same look and feel of the letterpress, just printed digitally, so you can actually print watercolors on the wooden veneers. We can also print posters, paintings, labels, etc, on the wooden veneers. If you want to have something engraved or laser-cut in the wooden veneers (tags for your invitations) we can do that, too! Here are the photos of the flat printed options:

Custom Designs

Monograms, Custom Design, InvitationsEmily Johnson

As a graphic designer, I am professionally trained to create logos and branding... which is what our wedding monograms are! A custom logo is a great way for a couple to brand their wedding. If you look on our website under logos, you can see many different wedding monograms to choose from that you can purchase with your own initials/names/wedding date, and I am constantly adding more designs to the collection.

The great thing about a wedding monogram is that it can be printed on all the materials... from invitations, programs, thank you cards, menus, coasters, welcome cards, napkins, koozies (or huggers), wine glasses (or any glass/cup), posters, signs, etc... so it really does tie everything together. I have had couples purchase their wedding monogram to print on pillows for their home!

Whatever your style, I can create it... here are some examples of wedding monograms that I designed in 2015, for other wedding monograms that I have designed, please view our collection here

Kentucky Derby

Custom Design, Poster, InvitationsEmily Johnson

One May 2, 2015, the Laurelwood Garden Club (a social club on Lookout Mountain) had their annual Spring Party with the Kentucky Derby theme. It was such a fun party, and we were honored to be able to have the party at the beautiful home of Chattanooga's very own (and famous, might I add) interior designer, Michelle Workman. Michelle is actually from Los Angeles and moved to Lookout Mountain and we are so blessed to have her here! Michelle's beautiful home is on a farm, so the party was located outside of her barn. It was such a perfect location for a Kentucky Derby themed party!

Because I was in charge of the invitations and planning, I had a great time with the Derby theme. I designed names for the horses that were strung on each stable, glasses with the Derby logo that I designed, napkins with the logo, invitations, a Derby day sign, and stir sticks. Here are some of the photos that I designed for the party (and yes, you can order these for your own Derby party!), and some of the design elements. We had such a great time cheering on the horses, drinking mint juleps, and wearing our big hats!