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Tickled Ink specializes in custom and graphic design, bringing your vision to life with our designs and beautiful paper + printing. Below are some of our favorite custom orders that we created especially for our client's weddings and events. These designs are now available to purchase as pre-existing designs, so they are not considered the custom fee. If you are interested in one of our designs below, any of our invitations in our Collection, or any of our monograms on your invitations, please contact us for a quote. Custom design starts with a minimum flat fee of $300 in addition to the total printing of your invitation suite, although we quote based on each individual project. Please contact me about your project and I will send you a custom design quote.

Deidra & Brandon

Melanie & Nolan

Jessica & Chris

Marlea & Scott

Amanda & Michael

Lauren & Michael

Jaime & Brent

Jennifer & Bill


Nickie & Matthew

Elizabeth & Bob

Loretta & Clifton

Lauren & Jonathan

Marsha & Brent

Amelia & Brett

Noelle & Campbell

Susan & Greg

Hayley & Robert

Emily & Winston

Michele & Ryan

Christie & Whidbee

Amy & Michael

Rebecca & Ben

Meaghan & Doug

Madison & Mac

Kristin & Ryan

Tiffany & Detrick