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Beatrix Potter Baby Shower

Baby, Custom DesignEmily Johnson

I painted and designed these invitations for a baby shower that is happening next weekend- for triplets! Although I have created plenty of of baby shower invitations, I have never designed for a TRIPLET baby shower! That's triple the joy, triple the love, and quite honestly this mommy-to-be will have triple the exhaustion (that means a mommy spa day would probably be a great gift!)! The theme of this shower is an enchanted forest, and the mommy-to-be loves books, and Beatrix Potter. I had a great time painting these characters, and the invitation was printed flat (all paintings must be printed flat) and the back of the invitation has a green cardstock mounted flush for extra thick paper, and green envelopes to match the green card stock. The mommy-to-be also ordered matching thank you cards, which have the three painted birds on the front. Congratulations, Lindsey, on your three little babies! It was an honor to design these for such a happy time in your life!

Classic Monogram Wedding Invitation

Emily Johnson

Here is a monogram wedding invitation order that is flat printed with a blue backer (card stock mounted to the back to make the invitation extra thick). This design can be printed in letterpress, and the suite can be viewed on our collection. As with all of our designs, brides can order coordinating thank you cards, menus, programs, etc.

Blue Card stock mounted on the back of the invitation to make it extra thick.

Reply postcards are a great way to save on paper, printing, and stamps. 

Featured in Ruffled Blog!

Emily Johnson

I cannot believe that January is almost over! It has been a great start to 2015, and we are honored to be featured in Ruffled's blog. Tickled Ink participated in the Big Fake Wedding, (which used to be called the Not wedding) Chattanooga's first wedding show with this unique company. The concept of the Big Fake Wedding is that it actually puts on a real/fake wedding (or vow renewal) with real vendors participating, and real couples, guests, etc. The theme of the show for Chattanooga's first Big Fake Wedding was a lush vintage summer garden theme with roses and fall colors. I hand drew the roses and the invitations were letterpress printed with red and eggplant (which were the colors of the wedding). The ceremony programs were flat printed with kraft backers mounted on the back. We loved being part of such a fun and creative bridal show! Below are the photos of the two colored letterpress (and hand drawn) invitations, and the flat printed ceremony programs. I have lots of photos, because there different photographers taking the pictures. I love having my invitations professionally taken! Here is the link for the photographers that took these beautiful photos.

Birth Painting for Baby Boy

Emily Johnson

Today I wanted to post a photo of a Birth Poster that I painted for a little boy's room. This painting was for my cousin's son, George, and she wanted it to be a giraffe theme to match his nursery. I had the painting printed on a wood veneer. This also can be customized for any little boy, and printed on white poster board if you would rather not have it on the wood (although I love the wooden look!).

Paintings for Little Girl's Room (Fairy Princess & Sleeping Beauty)

Emily Johnson

This hand drawn sleeping beauty and fairy princess are printed on wood veneers and painted with watercolor. I purchased wood frames, and they look perfect in my little girl's room! I do any custom orders as well, so please let me know what you need. These are for sale (without the frame) for $100 each (since they are hand painted). If this is not in your budget, you can purchase a print of them on poster paper for $40 (not hand painted on the wood veneer).

The Season to be Thankful (but these notecards are year round)

Emily Johnson

I love painting in watercolor, and the last few weeks I have been painting new designs in my sleep (or instead of sleep). Not sure what has gotten into me, perhaps the holidays approaching and wanting to create new designs for family, or maybe I was just missing my paintbrushes, but I am really enjoying it!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and being in the spirit, I painted and designed these "thankful" cards (with peonies, my favorite flowers). Of course, they can to be used year round, but I thought this week would be an appropriate time to blog about these. I will post more pieces that I have painted lately. Until then I wanted to list some things that I am thankful for in 2014 (not in any particular order):

1. My husband. He is probably (although I am biased) the best husband, father to our girls, and man I could have asked for to be my partner in life. I am very thankful for his friendship, support, love, and having him by my side through thick and thin.

2. My two daughters. I am not sure why God blessed me with these little angels (well, most of the time they are angels!) but I feel very thankful every day for them. I am not going to lie, things can get a little hairy having two toddlers ages 20 months and 32 months (yes, they are true Irish twins- exactly one year apart!). But... the minute I hear my two and a half old say "I love you" and my one and a half year old grins and hugs me, I completely forget about the trying times.

3. My mom. She is my best friend (other than my husband), my listening ear, my biggest supporter, and the best mom I could ever ask for. She teaches me how to be a better person, and although I am far from being as good of a person as she is... I learn from her wonderful example. She brings me down to earth and makes me see things for how they are. I don't know what I would do without her, and am always thankful for her friendship.

4. My dad. He is funny, hard working, and always someone I look up to for advise. I am thankful for his lightheartedness, loving our daughters, and being a great father to his five children and husband to my mom- it is inspirational these days to see two people still in love and married after 39 years.

5. My extended family. Both my husband and I have a wonderful set of siblings, nephews, new baby niece (just born a week ago!), in-laws, cousins, aunts, and uncles. We feel very blessed every day to have them in our lives.

6. My business & clients. I absolutely LOVE what I do. I could not do it without the support of my husband believing in me.... and also my wonderful clients. I am so passionate about working with people and making them happy with my designs.

7. God. If it were not for God, I would not have any of these wonderful things in my life to be thankful for. He has given me so much, and when I have a bad day, I take a step back and realize it is it is not nearly as bad as it could be because of all of these blessings that sometimes I tend to overlook.

8. My country. One of the biggest things that I feel very thankful for, and am hugely grateful for is being able to live in the United States and having the freedom to start my own business, be an independent woman, and have the luxuries that our country gives us. Many times I think about those who do not have these things, and I try to think about what I can do to help them, and hopefully soon I will be able to do something in Tickled Ink to help those in need.

Well, there it is. I am sure I am forgetting some of the other things I am thankful for, but in a nutshell I feel very blessed this year! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! If you want to purchase these "thankful" cards, they can be purchase on our Etsy shop or contact us ($12.50 for 10 with envelopes). Other quantities are available.

Logo for An Elegant Occasion

Emily Johnson

I am trying to update my blog with some posts that got deleted (well, I can't update it with all the posts... but at least some of the posts that are fresh on my mind!). I love logo design, so if you need a wedding or business logo, please contact me! I have tons of wedding logos to choose from (and company logos for inspiration). Here is a logo I created for An Elegant Occasion (a fabulous wedding planner in Atlanta). Also, I designed the new header for her website. She wanted something simple and sophisticated (and classic).

Amber Holritz: Wedding & Portrait Photographer in Chattanooga (and she travels!)

Emily Johnson

I am inspired by talent. My brother's talent blows my mind... he can whip out a realistic sketch in minutes, and it is amazing. I mean, something that would take me a week to draw, he draws it in minutes. Another artist that blows my mind with her creativity and ability to capture real life is Amber Holritz. She is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Chattanooga (but she travels everywhere, so if you don't live in Chattanooga, you can still hire her!). I have followed her photography for a while, wishing that she was my wedding photographer (but I didn't know about her at that time). I finally contacted her when we moved to Chattanooga, and hired her to take photos of my family, and we did a professional trade (I designed her wedding logo to go with her portrait logo, updated the colors of the logos, and she took photos of my invitations for my website).

We emailed each other a year ago, and it literally took almost a year until we could get together to take photos (my fault mostly, life just got really busy here!), but I worked on her wedding logo design last year. I took the portrait photography logo and designed a wedding logo based on what she already had (so that they went together). She also wanted the colors updated and to go together, so I changed the colors to the Pantone Color of the Year (and she decided that she wants to change it every year the Pantone Color of the Year- a great idea to stay fresh!).

A couple of weeks ago, I met Amber face to face, and she was the nicest and easiest person to be around! I usually get really nervous when someone takes photos, but she made it feel as though she was not in the room. I cannot wait to see them, and also the photos she took of some of my invitations for our trade! When they are finished, I will blog about them, and of course upload them to my website. Thank you, Amber, for being so patient with me and my family (because it took so long for us to meet) and I cannot wait to see what you have done- I am sure it will knock our socks off!

The first Not Wedding in Chattanooga

Emily Johnson

So much has been going on with Tickled Ink this summer. I have been working on some great new custom designs, and this Fall Tickled Ink is excited to be a part of the first Not Wedding on November 19th! We will write more about this exciting upcoming "alternative" bridal show. In a nutshell, the Not Wedding is a big fake wedding that actually has a real couple renewing their vows (so not truly fake) and I am one of the vendors that is a part of this event. It is a creative way for brides to see how we work with weddings. I cannot wait!

OK, now to the fact that this is the first blog post.... I am not sure if we can still recover our old posts from our last website that we had for almost five years, but if not... I will try to go back and rewrite them (huge bummer!) or just write new, even better blog posts :)! Til then!

xoxo, Emily