Tickled Ink

Tickled Ink

Amber Holritz: Wedding & Portrait Photographer in Chattanooga (and she travels!)

Emily Johnson

I am inspired by talent. My brother's talent blows my mind... he can whip out a realistic sketch in minutes, and it is amazing. I mean, something that would take me a week to draw, he draws it in minutes. Another artist that blows my mind with her creativity and ability to capture real life is Amber Holritz. She is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Chattanooga (but she travels everywhere, so if you don't live in Chattanooga, you can still hire her!). I have followed her photography for a while, wishing that she was my wedding photographer (but I didn't know about her at that time). I finally contacted her when we moved to Chattanooga, and hired her to take photos of my family, and we did a professional trade (I designed her wedding logo to go with her portrait logo, updated the colors of the logos, and she took photos of my invitations for my website).

We emailed each other a year ago, and it literally took almost a year until we could get together to take photos (my fault mostly, life just got really busy here!), but I worked on her wedding logo design last year. I took the portrait photography logo and designed a wedding logo based on what she already had (so that they went together). She also wanted the colors updated and to go together, so I changed the colors to the Pantone Color of the Year (and she decided that she wants to change it every year the Pantone Color of the Year- a great idea to stay fresh!).

A couple of weeks ago, I met Amber face to face, and she was the nicest and easiest person to be around! I usually get really nervous when someone takes photos, but she made it feel as though she was not in the room. I cannot wait to see them, and also the photos she took of some of my invitations for our trade! When they are finished, I will blog about them, and of course upload them to my website. Thank you, Amber, for being so patient with me and my family (because it took so long for us to meet) and I cannot wait to see what you have done- I am sure it will knock our socks off!